Graduation Speech : My Learning Experience

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My learning experience in this course
This course has taught me some valuable lessons of intellectual capital (IC) and the benefits my organization has received from it over the years. For instance, in my department, my co-workers have given the organization great praise for the training and the wealth of knowledge they have gained from the many educational classes HR have conducted. I further learn that IC in every cross section of my organization has increased the retention of employees. Another learning experience that I gain from IC is the increase level of every employee’s skill and their capability of solving or providing solution to customer’s problem.
I further understand that in order for my organization to achieve long lasting change, leaders embrace a commitment to learning for not just themselves, but also the organizations. They have made significant strides in establishing a philosophy that further individual development through the institutional, experiential, and personal development constructs. This philosophy has influenced individual development from the early stages of their career to retirement; because, the organization realize that additional benefits further develop a philosophy of long-term learning for the organizations. For example, Senge recognizes the linkage of individual and organizational development in his statement, “Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning. But without it, no organizational learning occurs” Senge,

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