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Pre-assessment: In the previous lesson, students learned the essential information related to registering to vote (such as the age, who can vote, and how someone registers to vote, etc). All of the students present at school today accurately completed their registration voting card. This activity lends itself well with this lesson as students will continue to build upon their knowledge of key vocabulary terms through participating in a real-life election for a class snack.

Ohio/Common Core Standard(s):
1.8 Government Individuals are accountable for their actions.
1.9 Government Collaboration requires group members to respect the rights and opinions of others.
W.1.8 With guidance and support from adults, recall information from …show more content…

This strategy is effective as I will be able to see each student’s understanding of voting and the various components of the process.

o Strategy for Student Self-Assessments:
While each student votes, the rest of the class will be working on filling out My Election Book. They will be given a word bank for this activity. Each student should complete the book on his/her own. After students have completed the activity, they will have the opportunity to check their work with a neighbor. The whole class will then go over the answers together.

Lesson Summary/Learning Outcome(s):
Lesson Summary: Election Day will take place today. Students will vote to have either pretzels or Goldfish. Students will be given a piece of paper with the choice of pretzels or Goldfish on it and they will have to check which option they want. They will then put their vote into the ballot. While certain students are casting their votes, others will be working on completing My Election Book with a partner (this book will include a bank of words for students may need further assistance). Additionally, student will have to color their books when they have completed writing the words in the booklet. This booklet will used as an alternative assessment and taken for a grade. Students do not have to remain in their seats After 15-17 minutes, students will return to seats and the entire

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