Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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There was only a few of us that day, we all needed to take the GED test. We all seemed nervous. The nice lady who signed me in stood up front, she explained all the rules; no talking, no cheating, no getting up without your hand raised and acknowledged, and there is no bathroom breaks until you have finished each test. Before I took my seat I grabbed earplugs took a last drink of my water and headed toward a seat up front. I was nervous and felt a bit discouraged. I began on one test, then another. It was than time for me to take the last portion of the test. Normally, I craved to write I really felt this was it, I was surely going to pass. As I got started, I began reading The rules: 60 timed minutes, 600 words or more, pick two Historical figures, Don’t forget to do your draft, revised draft and final. That’s when it hit me I wouldn’t be writing about something I enjoyed but, writing about something someone told me to write. I started tapping and moving my feet I couldn’t help it I just felt so over whelmed. Than to add in more I scrolled down to find not only do I have to write but I have to read the excerpts of those characters and compare and contrast them. Now, with not finishing high school. I honestly had no clue what compare and contrast had meant. Or really how I was supposed to write this essay. The classroom was cold. My chair was squeaky and my ear plugs kept coming out. I took a breath in and out, Counted to ten. Deciding to keep moving on. None the less
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