Graduation Speech : School As A Source Of Learning

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I hope I 'm not the only one who notices the increasing disinterest in education in my school. Perhaps, I 'm simply overreacting to its inevitability. Maybe it 's the brief conversations containing absurd amounts of grammatical errors and profanity that I often hear throughout the hallways, or the numerous students who admit to not caring about school that have led me to this conclusion: The majority of teenagers have lost interest in school as a source of learning. There is no need to take my word for it. Observe the increasing number of parents appeasing their children with cash or new cell phones for sub-par grades. Listen to the two “cool kids” in the back of the classroom that would rather chat about what parties they plan on attending this weekend than acknowledge the teacher 's presence. As a site of social gathering, school has remained unchallenged. As a site of learning however, school has become nearly obsolete. The unfortunate truth, however, is that the responsibility for decline in students’ interest in school belongs to many. One area to blame is simply human nature. As children mature, they begin to become interested in other fields and, subsequently, lose interest in school. Another source of disinterest is lazy students. This factor is very tough to overlook and just as challenging to correct. But a third place for the responsibility of student disinterest is the teachers. They play a huge role in all learning and can always improve their methods. Now,
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