Graduation Speech : Senior Honors Program

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1. I would like to enroll in the Senior Honors Program, because I think it will be an excellent way to complete my experience as a sociology undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Since transferring to UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2015, many of the courses I have taken have focused on research and its importance to the field of sociology. The continued exposure to the diverse topics of sociological research, as well as the varied methods researchers use to collect their data, has shown me that many of questions I ask about the social world on a daily basis are potential sociological research projects. I find this fact to be inspiring as opposed to overwhelming, and I believe that the questions that I continually ask warrant further academic exploration. I want to participate in this program, because it will place me in an environment where I will be able to find academic answers to the questions that cross my mind regularly, and ultimately mold me into a more insightful and capable student.
Participating in the this program is not only important for my undergraduate education, but is also crucial to the pursuit of my future endeavors. After completing my undergraduate education, my ultimate goal is to attend graduate school and obtain my Ph.D. in sociology. I believe that successful completion of the Senior Honors Program will allow me to assess if graduate school is truly the right path, while also having the added effect of showing sociology graduate programs that I am
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