Graduation Speech : Winning The State Championships

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This year i knew we were going to win the state championships. We made it this far and we are not giving up. My dad was on his way right now. I was so anxious. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when we win. Me and my dad were always really close not at all like i was with me and my mom or my sisters. Some days i would barely talk to my mom. We never had much in common. She always favored her first two Vanessa and Veronica. I was always the one left out. I didn't really care because sure it would be nice to go out shopping with my mom but not every week. It didn't bother me i always had my dad and the best friends i made on the soccer team. I also couldn't forget about my best best best friends daisy and stefan. …show more content…

He was the best. Our coaches were always so strict but knew when we needed to take a break or rest for a little. I was on break talking to Daisy and Kimberly when I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up for the fun of it. I assumed that it was going to be a prank call or something but the caller was serious he was a grown man as I assumed. He said to be calm and to sit down because what he was about to say was a lot to take in. I looked at Daisy and saw Stefan from far away. I answered okay and as soon as the man stopped talking I burst into tears. I ended the call right away. I kept bawling my eyes out I didn't want to talk to anyone. I couldn't move my body I didn't know what's going on with me I couldn't talk I couldn't answer to anyone. I couldn't focus. Tears were running down my face. It's like I was there but I wasn't. Coach Filip cleared everyone out picked me up and took me from everyone else. He asked what happened to me. He waited until I was ready to tell him what was wrong. I could only get a few words out “my dad car accident Northern hospital”. He looked at me and told me to come with him. I got up and walked. He drove me to the Northwestern Hospital. We went inside and he talked for me. We wouldn't get in because they were allowing visitors. My mom and sisters came in a little while later and I told my coach you could leave or

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