Graffit-Self Expression or Vandalism

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"A painting tells a story on paper, and graffiti tells a story too," said Steve, a 22-year-old Vancouver-based street artist who asked that his name not be published. "People just don 't see past where [the story is being told]."
Societal conceptions of urban graffiti are all over the map. While some view graffiti as the flourishing of urban art and expression, others view it as a sign of generational decay or a lack of respect for others ' property. After all, the people forced to view the graffiti didn 't ask to see public displays of expression. According to the City of Calgary website, "Graffiti is an eyesore that ruins the natural and architectural beauty of a city." But has the city ever considered a difference between racist
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The movement has essentially grown into art through the intention of the artists themselves. Since the movement has grown, street artists have become famous worldwide. The most dynamic artists were featured in MOCA 's exhibit, but one among them received his own section: British street artist Banksy.
Banksy, one of the most notorious (in a good way) artists of the moment, seems to come from a different place than many young street artists. His goal isn 't to gain fame, or infamy for that matter, but to awaken the world to the ironic injustices that plague our society and our culture. He 's actually gone to extreme measures to keep his true identity unknown to this point, further proving that he 's not in it for the fame. His art beautifully depicts the hard truths of our culture in a uniquely contemporary way, and his murals, often placed on public property, are well thought out and planned. In Banksy 's 2010 documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, art collector Wendy Asher praises the success of his first commercial art show: "Everyone I told about it bought something. Like people who have Picassos and, you know, Mondreans . . . I mean, serious collections." Whether Asher 's art collectors bought Banksy 's pieces only for the controversial appeal or for the quality of the piece itself, the fact that the art show was a success indicates the value of street art.
Banksy 's section at Art in the Streets generated quite a buzz from museum-goers. I won 't
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