Grandma Jo Research Paper

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I could stand up here and tell you all a million of my favorite childhood memories, but we don’t have the time and you would all know much more than you ever wanted to know about me. Anyways, one thing most of those memories have in common, is my Grandma Jo. My Grandma Jo has always been my person. You know, that one person who was placed on Earth to make your life better? Yeah, that’s my Grandma Jo. She always says that I’m the lucky grandchild and I gladly accept that title, take that Daina. I thank my Grandma Jo for teaching me who I am and who I want to be through her passion to serve, love for others, and absurdity she lives by. Joyce Kieft, has been a cosmetologist for more than forty years and she has loved almost every minute of it. She has owned her own salons in the…show more content…
She is a goofy light hearted soul. She loves to have fun and doesn’t care of the opinions of others. She dances around the kitchen to her favorite songs saying “Yeah baby,” and it always makes me laugh. She once had a kitten named KeyJo and this little kitten had a habit of being a bit rambunctious so grandma kept a spray bottle full of water. Well, my sister Daina and I were over at her house and Grandma thought we were being more rambunctious than this little kitten, so we were treated accordingly. So we had a water fight in her living room and laughed until we couldn’t breathe. Grandma Jo has always had this ability to make others smile even when they were having the worst of days. Grandma always tells me, life’s too short to care what others think and she lives by that. Sometimes when she’s in the salon, she decides to give herself a haircut. No big deal she’s been doing this for years, but she can’t always reach the back. So, she has her customers snip those pieces off. And she doesn’t have a care in the world because, “It’s just hair” she tells me. Grandma lives and loves through absurdity and that is one part of what makes her who she
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