Graphic Novel: A Personal Analysis

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In my story there is a meaningful theme to it and the only way it can truly be expressed is through a graphic novel. I believe that war can be life changing, especially for the people that went through it. This story can't just be told word by word, you will need the pictures the understand what I am talking about. There are two moments in the novel in which this can be explained. One moment was when my neighbor got killed by a bomb and the other was when the war broke out. I will also show a panel and demonstrate how it expresses my theme. One crucial moment that was life changing for not only me but for my family was when there was a bombing. This was a life changing event because the bombs hit my next door neighbors. They killed everybody that was in there including one of my friends. During the bombings, my mother was in the house and she could have had…show more content…
Earlier I said that this story can't be told just with words but to truly understand you would need pictures. In this panel you can see what the causes of war are. In this panel you can see how they look like while carrying their family member that's dead. The theme is illustrated here because they have to go through death and that is life changing, especially knowing that there will be more lives taken in the war. If you were to read this just with words and no pictures you wouldn't be able to understand the pain and fear in them. You can see the fear and pain drawn in their faces. I believe that war can change people's lives, the way they think and the way they act. The only way that anyone can truly understand what I'm trying to express is to read this as a graphic novel, not just as a regular novel with no pictures. Each panel have their own meaning and they connect to what I'm trying to express. There is a meaningful theme to this story and the best way to express it is by having it be a graphic
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