Grauballe Woman

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The United States currently struggles to eradicate the self-inflicted epidemic of obesity. In this rich, sedentary society, food is diverse, plentiful, and accessible. Hunting, foraging, and farming are confined to bountifully stocked grocery store shelves, legions of restaurants, and most nefarious of all, home delivery menus. Television commercials, billboards, and the Internet bombard conditioned citizens with images of generous portions of succulent delights. Rarely is an advertisement seen for the humble carrot unless it is slathered in cheese sauce and sharing a plate with fried chicken and a mound of butter soaked mashed potatoes. For most, the word diet is a verb that must be grudgingly invoked after years of indulgent meals. Two thousand …show more content…

She consumed porridge made from domesticated barley, linseed, knotweed, and rabbit. Mistletoe pollen, available only in the spring months of March or April, was also inadvertently ingested. If Grauballe Woman, like Grauballe Man, was sacrificed or executed, then her last meal may have been a unique event and not representative of her regular diet. She suffered from osteoporosis, which is caused by, among other things, calcium and nutrient deficiencies. The fact that she was wearing a sheepskin cape may mean that there were sheep and other animals in the area, domesticated or not, from which milk could be obtained. If dairy was a part of this community’s diet, it may have been reserved for people of higher ranking or perhaps she was lactose intolerant. Her teeth show significant wear suggesting that the foods she ate required excessive chewing and therefore were either poorly prepared or substandard. She carried a pouch containing dried fungus. The fungus would have been beneficial in the treatment of pain associated with her osteoporosis and other ailments derived from an insufficient

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