Gravity and Special Effects in the Movie Oscar

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In the seventeenth century, Issac Newton found out that will there is gravity on Earth by seeing an apple dropping on the ground. In the twenty first century, I would like to introduce Gravity to you all again. But now it's no longer a Physics theory, it is an awarded movie. In Oscar, this movie is awarded seven awards, six out of seven are related to the special effects. Now you can imagine how wonderful the movie is. This movie involves lots of the efforts of the production team. Gravity is really a movie which is worthy to watch.

After watching the movie, you will know the reason why Gravity deserves to get best visual effects.

What things will pop up in your mind when you think of the space? Dark? Cold? Or Weightless? These all are the things we can see in the space. Dark is the thing surrounding you all the time in space. However, this movie changes my viewpoint. When you start watching the movie, you can discover the beauty of the Earth within nine minute time. There is a close up to the Earth. From that few seconds, you can feel that you have really appreciated the grand view of it. The eye-catching blue, just like the sea we see, like the beautiful sunny sky we have. Even you can really feel the texture of the Earth, some brown parts are raising as mountains, some green parts as the forests. Within that few seconds, you are really can feel that you are in the space and have a close touch with the Earth. The Earth is no longer printed in the reference book in

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