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Assignment #2 GREASE MONKEY WIPES By Submitted To Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Environmental scan Market Strategy (STP) Segmentation Segment Potential Target Positioning Financial Analysis Recommendations Appendix A – SWOT Summary Tables Appendix B – Financial Calculations Bibliography Executive summary A company which is hoping to prosper in the foreign market must pay real close attention to the new countries laws and regulation. They also need to pay more attention the market that they are trying to sell the product to. Thus doing more research and positioning and constant improvement is necessary for the company to strive in order to reach the …show more content…

This may be a form of irritation to some consumers, and may also give headaches to users of the product, who have a rather sensitive sense of smell. Another major weakness of the product may be that it is rather expensive, charging $1 for each Grease Monkey Wipe, meaning that a lot of customers would not actually find it feasible to purchase and use this product. Another weakness that may be considered is that the wipes are not sold in bulk, as many consumers may prefer to buy them that way, rather they are individually packed. Finally, the most important weakness of Grease Monkey Wipes may be that, since they have only been in business for months, not too many customers, who are willing to buy their product, actually know of their existence, which means that they may be losing out on high amounts of revenue. Therefore, it’s important to position their brand, thereby, creating a positive image of the product in the minds of the consumers. When analyzing the external environment of Grease Monkey Wipes, we see that it has the potential to capture a vast market, which comprises of vehicle users of all sorts, with about 285 million cars, 13 million boats, and over 6 million motorcycles in the United States, which can exponentially grow their marketplace. Another opportunity the company favors from is that there have

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