Essay on Great Achievements of Women of the Wild West

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Have you ever wondered where we would be without the women of the Wild West? The most obvious we would be extinct, because there would be no reproduction of offspring. Women were needed for this reason, but there was so many more contributions that they made. Women were important in founding this great land. The women traveled with their men in hopes of getting free land out west, but it was a different story when they arrived. The winters were bad, rain was often lacking, and therefore, the crops did not grow. As a result, food was not plentiful. Many of the settlers almost starved to death. Women had to provide and support their families by cooking, cleaning, planting food, making clothes, washing clothes, mending clothes and, …show more content…
Not to mention, they had to make the clothes usually from spun material or if they were lucky enough to have a general store to by the fabric by the piece or yard. If new material was not available, they cut up whatever they had like old curtains, flour sacks, even the canvas from the buggy. Wash day was a very tedious task for the women of the Wild West. The women carried the water from the creek, heated the water, washed the clothes on a scrub board, hung the clothes to dry, and then took them down to return them to the house; this had to take almost the whole day. Therefore, the rest of their work accumulated until the next day. This is kind of like when you miss a day of work and you return often the work is waiting for you the next day; coworkers only do what is necessary for them to complete their tasks.
Women should receive more recognition for killing game in the absence of their husband. When the husbands went on a long journey or even to the nearest town it could take days before their return. Women would go out into the wild and kill the meat for the family and then come inside and cook it for the family. Women deserve recognition for the contributions to the Wild West. When their husbands where away from home they had to do it all. They cooked, cleaned, killed wild game, planted the fields, and whatever else needed to be done at the time. They did all this and bore children and took care of them too. Women had to

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