Great Breeds of Dogs

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Racial origin

The papillon breed is one of the oldest races, pudenda recognized in works of art from Europe 700 years ago. An example is the painting of Titian Vercelli. Their country of origin is the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1935.

Character and Temperament

The papillons are very affectionate and playful. They like to go out and play in the outdoors and are stronger and more durable than it looks due to their size and softness. You have to socialize the dog well and mark them of their place in the family because if not they could possessive sometimes even jealous. They can be a perfect pet for all the family, plus you can do a great ride with them because of their small size. But they can live agitated and barking voice where they cannot because they have a protective instinct indentificar enough.

The quality of this type of

Buenos protects their families; provide “alarm “when they feel something is wrong, they are very good at agility activities.

About the breed :

The most remarkable feature of papillons , dogs or butterflies , are your ears full of feathers when erect gives the feeling that the whole face looks like a butterfly with outspread wings . The Papillon is a small dog with balanced body. Head slightly rounded, with a short, thin snout, which ended with a black nose. Dark eyes, black rounded profile and medium size. Covered with long coat, sleek and straight, they only have one layer of hair.
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