Great Wall Of China Research Paper Rough Draft

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Camille Ewing Great Wall of China Research Paper Rough Draft Great Wall of China Introduction: The Great Wall of China is one of China’s greatest achievements. It is a historical form of protection for the Chinese people, and it serves as a tourist attraction today, as well as a barrier between China and its invaders. The main purpose of its building was to stop invasions, and keep its people protected. Now, it symbolizes national strength and makes the people feel safe and proud. The main purpose of its building was to stop invasions, mainly from the Mongols, who were attacking them, and keeping its people protected. The current emperor of the time, Qin Shihuang, decided to build the wall to protect his people; the building process…show more content…
In total over 20 dynasties contributed to the Great Wall’s construction. The work was extremely hard and many people suffered during the building. Many different people were forced or brought in to work on the wall, such as soldiers, common people, criminals, etc. Every worker was required to build for 4 years. There were many deaths during the building of the wall. The workers built in any weather, season, or time; this hardship caused many people to die. The main labor force was people instead of animals, and the heavy work also resolved with deaths as well. Soldiers were not only building the wall, some were in charge of stopping riots among the people, which often happened. They were also hired to keeping people working; not letting any of the feeble people who had been working night and day to rest. This was also one of the conditions that led to many deaths. There were many difficulties for the people not working aswell, such as women and people market people. No men were farming because they were forced to build the wall, so no crops were being made and this lead to people not having much to eat. Women were having a hard time helping their families, trying hard to fill in for the fathers who were away. Women also usually wanted to have a male child to help with the harder work and labor, but since they knew that if they had a boy, it would be sent to build the wall and he would be apart from her, they did not want to have a boy
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