Great White Shark Ocean Life

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Great White Shark Ocean Life The Carcharodon Carcharias, or more commonly known as the Great White Shark, is the outspoken king of the ocean. They are a nektonic organism. Every organism has a full biological classification. The Kingdom is Animalia, the Phylum is Chordata, the Class is Chrondrichtyes, the order is Lamniformes, the Family is Lamnidae, the Genus is Carcharodon, and the Species is the Carcharias. The Great White Shark has a robust, torpedo shaped body, a hefty, conical snout. It has a white underside and a gray or brownish blue dorsal area. There are five gill slits between the mouth and the lower pectoral fin. There are three major fins; the dorsal fin located on their back, and two pectoral fins on their sides. Their tail fin is bow shaped. The average size for an adult shark ranges from 13 to 17 feet long and 1500 to 2500 pounds. Although in most cases, the females tend to be bigger than the males. The sharks have multiple rows of teeth, up to 3000 in total.

The Great White lives in warm water along the coasts of land masses. You can find the sharks swimming on the coasts of California up to Alaska, all over the eastern coast of the states, the Gulf, Hawaii, most of South America, South Africa, the entire perimeter of Australia besides the north coast, New Zealand, and in the Mediterranean Sea. Although you can find the sharks in all these areas, they are mostly concentrated in the United States, Japan, and the Mediterranean Sea. The sharks don’t swim

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