Greatest Casualty: A Symbol Of Strength And Perseverance

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The Greatest Casualty is being Forgotten

Luke Wilson is a symbol of strength and perseverance. When he was a Junior in High School he signed up for the Oregon National Guard. He immediately took to the military and knew his purpose in life was to serve his country. He served proudly for three years before disaster struck. While he was stationed in Baghdad when his convoy was attacked by insurgents. The Bradley, a lightly armored tank, was leading the convoy when it was disabled by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). A fire fight ensued between the two sides. The troop were being bombarded by a mixture of small arms fire and RPGs when Luke was blinded by a bright flash. Pain shot up his leg and but he knew he couldn’t stop fighting. He kept
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That's when he received a Wounded Warrior Backpack with clothes, toiletries, and informational packets. His life since High School had been structured around the Military. He, like many other Veterans, was lost when he was away from the Military. On top of that he went from being an all-star athlete in high school, to having to learn to walk without a leg. He found peace with the Wounded Warrior Project. They were his crutch, they supported him every step of the way. They helped return to his hometown to live a happy and successful life with his new family. He dove back into school and will soon receive a college degree. Luke Wilson, along with thousands of other wounded veterans have utilized the Wounded Warrior Project's many resources to help ease them back into a normal life after being severely injured while serving their country. The Wounded Warrior Project is essential to the rehabilitation of Wounded Veterans. Many Wounded Warriors also participate in the many events that the WWP sponsor, this is a way for Warriors to meet people with similar experiences. This helps many people adjust to their new life. It also gives them confidence that there is a bright future. That is what WWP…show more content…
With an 90% grade from Charity Navigator I am not alone. The WWP has used its many programs to reach Wounded Veterans and help them recover from the atrocities of war. War leaves Veterans with both mental scars in the form of PTSD and other mental disorders, as well as physical scars. The WWP helps with recovery from both. So it's time for you to do your part. It's hard for us to image coming home from a war-torn country wounded and without any friends or family to help you. And this is a sad reality for many wounded warriors. So by donating time or money you can do your part in serving those who served us. They went over to a foreign country to fight and protect our rights. The very least we can do is help them when they return. Many men and women who serve get PTSD from the pressure caused by the military life. Unfortunately PTSD can lead to other mental conditions and if help is not given sometimes suicide. But you can help prevent this. How much easier can it get? You send the WWP money or volunteer time and they find how it can be used most effectively. So please, if you care at all about the men and women wounded while serving their’s and your country, donate to the WWP. A foundation dedicated to helping veterans who were wounded in combat. Help bring attention and support to this rapidly growing
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