Greek Art

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The history of art is one the most fascinating type of history there is. Reasons can range from having the unique ability to tell the story of every artist putting their own mark on art culture to simply being the story of how people were able to create an outlet where they could express the way they were feeling about society or changes within Earth itself, with beautiful and admirable artwork. But of all, the artwork created a chance to be openly interpreted by anyone and be observed differently and freely. It’s like a secret message that is created in each work of art that contains the story behind it or the reason why the artwork was created in the first place. However they was also jealousy and pride that bloomed with creating art. Inspiration to artists came from anything: nature, loved ones, experiences but most of all other artists.…show more content…
The Greeks who swore the Romans kept coping the way certain works made by Greek artists, was one argument that till this day many are trying to unravel layers of reasons behind certain Greek works could have sparked inspiration to make an idea their own without giving credit where credit is due. One example would be the marble sculpture of the Old Market Woman. She became a very well known piece of artwork that further served as an expression of how women would dress and look like during the Hellenistic Age period according to ( Furthermore in this essay, the analysis of the history of the uprising Hellenistic Age will show how pieces of artwork including the Old Market Woman were greatly influenced by the spread of different cultures and how the popularity of remaking new Greek inspired works rooted from Romans admiring the wealthy and beauty of works of Greek art to the point where they longed to make their own pieces of work with the foundation of past

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