Greek Columns And The Doric Order Of Greek Architecture

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Greek architecture has survived throughout history and plays a major role in many structures today. Some of the modern structures that resemble Greek styling and architecture are government buildings. By building some of our most important structures with Greek designs, it shows our current emphasis on Greek architecture. There are three distinct orders, or types, of architecture. These are the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. Possibly one of the most distinguished aspects supplied by Greek architecture is the column. Columns were prevalent in Greek society and were found in many of their temples and important structures such as the Parthenon. The first and most simplistic order of Greek architecture is the Doric order. According to the article, Doric Columns and the Doric Order of Classical Architecture, Doric architecture is characterized by columns that Doric columns are, “stouter than those of the Ionic or Corinthian orders. Their smooth, round capitals are simple and plain compared to the other two Greek orders.” The capital is the very top piece of the column that connects the column to the rest of the structure, or the entablature. Unlike other orders, Greek Doric columns did not have bases; instead the column was fixed directly on the foundation of the structure. This simplistic design was implemented on one of the most well-known works of architecture from Ancient Greece, the Parthenon. An article titled, The Parthenon, describes how the Parthenon is a, “Doric
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