Greek Mythology : Gods And Goddesses

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Carine Kessie
ENG 2010-29 Van De Water
April 21, 2017

Greek Mythology: Gods and Goddesses
The ancients Greeks were polytheistic which means they used to worship many gods. In the past, Greek gods and goddesses used to live at the top of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. However, despite their great powers, gods and goddesses were much like humans, and sometimes they had to come down to hearth to intervene in the affairs of mortals, involving men and women, enemies, and sometimes lovers.
At the beginning of everything, Heaven and Earth had twelve sons and daughters called the Titans. The youngest boy, named Cronos took his father’s throne by force and married his sister Rhea. As a result, his father Heaven cursed him: “One
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They were perfect in form and perfectly happy. They lived from eating the fruit on the trees and never fell ill or died. However, they started to conspire and causing trouble to Zeus. Zeus-the-shining melted them down and left only their spirits to watch over the next race of people, the ones he cast from silver. The race of silver was beautiful and vain. They looked at themselves in the dewponds and said; “So beautiful! We must be gods!” (McCaughrean14). They never turned their silver face toward Mount Olympus and, in their pride, they thought the world was theirs.
Zeus buried the race of Silver in the ground and made the race of Bronze instead. They were no sooner born that they picked up flints and used them for tools. They made axes and spades, and began industriously to build. “This is better,” said Zeus (McCaughrean 14-15). Then they made swords, spears, arrows, clubs, and left the building to slaughter. By the time their war was finished, Zeus had to begin all over again. The only thing that was left to him was Iron. The race of Iron rusted and grew old. They worked and quarreled, loved and died. They worshipped the gods with a fearful superstition, and bombarded Olympus with their prayers. In fact, they were human (McCaughrean).
Zeus married his own sister Hera, the goddess of marriage and monogamy. He had his throne on the highest top of Mount Olympus and was respected by all Gods and mortals. All the kings claimed that they were created by
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