Greek Mythology : The Trojan War

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As most know, Greek Mythology is a very complex concept that is free for interpretation and can be seen in multiple ways. Many believe Greek Mythology is fiction, where as some believe that it is nonfiction. As seen in Barry Strauss’s The Trojan War: A New History, the author argues that the Trojan War was significant, and shows evidence from as of late that supports the concept of the Trojan War actually occurring. Throughout his book he explains and gives insight into what happened during the Trojan War and how it developed based off of Homer’s writing. Strauss’s sole purpose is to inspect what has previously been said about the Trojan War and evaluate it enough to the point where he is able to make logical reasoning to determine the actuality of the Trojan War. As Strauss begins his argument, he gives the audience a description of Helen of Troy, who people at the time believed was the most beautiful woman in the world in order to show the fact that Helen played a role in the Trojan War. This was because Paris, the Trojan Prince, took Helen away from the King of Sparta, Menelaus. However, although it is thought that this was solely done out of lust, Strauss argues that “His abduction of Helen may have had less to do with lust than with power and politics” (17), meaning that he mostly took Helen with him just to benefit from what she had to offer. Afterward, Agamemnon told Menelaus to call all kings of Greece to call to arms due to Paris’s disrespectful decision to take

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