Greek Mythology Vs American Mythology

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Greek Mythology Vs. American Mythology With man and nature, there is seemingly a constant curiosity that of which compels many to contemplate questions and to ultimately seek answers for those questions. In modern day, man seeks science, logic, and mathematics to name a few in order to search for those compelling thoughts. However, it was seemingly not that easy in the era of the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks did feature mathematics, however, to explain natural phenomenon, there was not a reference to science and logic, and like other nations it was rather, mythology. As the Greeks explained natural phenomenon, colorful stories regarding gods, goddesses, heroes, and villains were in reference. The stories seem elaborate in comparison to how phenomenon are explained and solved today, however, those stories made sense to the culture in an era where explanations were more crucial. Among those stories, the phenomenon of whirlpools, rocks, and obscure aquatic catastrophes were featured. The two topics were synonymous with Charybdis and Scylla.
First, there is Charybdis. Born to the Sea God Poseidon, Charybdis was a naiad that similar to Athena and Zeus had a strong Father-Daughter relationship. When Poseidon went to war against Zeus and created various storms, Charybdis brought uncanny quantities of water upon beaches. Due to this, villages, fields, forest, etc. would flood. After Charybdis had won land for Poseidon, Zeus was enraged and with that Zeus had transformed her

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