Greek Society vs. Socrates Essay

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Greek Society vs. Socrates What make a man virtuous? Throughout many texts of Greek society the picture of a perfect man is painted and apparent. This man, the “perfect man”, is the virtuous Greek citizen. Who is virtuous not only in the eyes of society, but also at home, in war, and in his relationship to the God(s). Also in Greek society, there was a man named Socrates who’s opinion differed with his culture’s thoughts, and he constructed his own thoughts and beliefs of what characteristics a virtuous man should hold. Not only did Greek society have thoughts of what their virtuous man should be; Roman society did as well. All cultures have a belief of what a virtuous human is and it is described in four ways: in the home, at…show more content…
Aristocrats, who were free men, had the privilege of sitting on juries and also to help make the laws that governed the polis.
The virtuous man was also very religious and in charge of his family’s worshiping of the polis’ Gods and also the worshiping of the family’s ancestors. Noble men were very athletic and participated in games to help honor the Gods and prepare themselves for war. These athletic competitions were held in gymnasiums; which was the central feature of the polis. The gymnasiums gave the successful athlete the opportunity to honor his family and polis, and also brought the athlete closer to the Gods after winning.
The picture of a virtuous man in Greek society was one that was able to obtain many victories, serve his polis politically, worship the Gods, and run a household. The man all men tried to become is perfect in every way in personal and public life. He was powerful, intelligent, resourceful, cunning, and skillful. This man would take care of his family and make the decisions of the house, serve in the army, serve his polis on juries, and also worship his Gods. It is hard to believe one man would be able to accomplish so much and if he would be able to he would be considered virtuous by his polis and family.
Secondly, a man named Socrates had a different way to think about what characteristics a virtuous man should hold. Socrates had
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