Green Information Systems : Sustainability

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Zachary J Vaught Green Information Systems: Sustainability Syracuse University Green Information Systems: Sustainability Introduction Today’s society is one that is centered on the use of modern technology. Walking down the street during the day, one would be hard pressed to not to find people with their faces buried in their phones or tablets, checking their email, social media, or whatever it may be. Technology provides a means for people to stay connected with one another, accomplish certain tasks on the go, and much more. However, the constant use of technology that is seen in society today also uses up a myriad of resources, raising questions as to the future. It is also not just technology that is using up the …show more content…

It’s important to live in the present, but to also be prepared for the future. This brings in the concept of sustainability. It’s important to make sure that future generations will also be able to fulfill their needs on this earth, which will not be possible if all of the resources are used. Sustainable development is something that needs to be implemented into business strategies more and more. And while technology can sometimes be the problem, using it the right way, can also be a solution (Boudreau, 2007). Stages of Sustainable Development The first thing to focus on is the different stages that are associated with sustainable development. According to Stuart Hart, there are three stages: Pollution Prevention, Product Stewardship, and Clean Technology (Hart, 1997). Pollution prevention is just what it sounds like. The goal is to minimize the waste before it even has a chance to be created (Hart 1997). To do this, it is imperative that organizations are constantly adapting and improving their efforts. Pollution prevention is based on staying ahead of the game and ending waste before it can begin. Product stewardship takes things one step further than pollution prevention does. Pollution prevention is mainly pertaining to minimizing waste from manufacturing. In addition to this, product stewardship also focuses on minimizing the impacts that the life cycle of a product can have as well (Hart 1997). Many

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