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Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva, authors of the book Embedded Sustainability The Next Big Competitive Advantage is an excellent and compelling guide to educate businesses worldwide. The authors cleverly combine sustainability and strategy, now and in the future while maintaining that competitive advantage. They illustrate how to be successful in the 21st-century and that corporations will have the capability to embed sustainability in their everyday agenda. For any business that wants to profit and maintain growth, embedded sustainability is essential. This strategy will help keep a competitive edge on concepts that will help future leaders with the upcoming strategies. These are distinct but interconnected trends that fall …show more content…

There is where we find three different, and still connected trends that are a key market force that is reformulating how organizations and businesses are competing: Declining Resources, Radical Transparency, and Increasing Expectations. Below, these trends are defined with examples that makes up the new business puzzle.

Declining Resources: Becoming smaller, fewer or lesser of our natural resources. Businesses across industries and regions are being progressively distressed by the fast deterioration of several of the natural resources. Fresh water, in places like Africa, Asia and Europe. Per the book 1.1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.
Radical Transparency: An approach used to open the awareness to organization process and data. This idea of everyone knowing everything, could be a major driver of increasing the organization performances. When we talk about Radical Transparency, we are referring to the power of numbers in terms of when you have tons of people working toward the same goal, it bounds to be a success. Paul Hawken refer to it as “this wave of civic action as the largest movement on earth.” Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media work as an accelerate change.
Increasing Expectations: Continuing to fulfill the needs, desires and wants of the people. This trend encourages companies to reconsideration the demands of the market. Employees, Investors, Regulators, consumers and

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