Greenfield Crucilbum

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The work of Mark Steven Greenfield is currently on view at the Lora Schlesinger Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. ( September 8 through October 14) Raucous doodle-like designs, in vibrant transparent colors cover the large tableaux, punctuated with peep-holes of white and black. While most of the images are purely abstract, there are some realistic icons, heavy with social connotations. For instance, Crucilbum appears to be for the benefit of a feather clad, popcorn consuming observer. Upon first encountering the work, this viewer found the subject matter, and color selections both jarring and confusing. Furthermore, foreground beings appear to be inspired by the Raj, as they are bejeweled and bedecked in beads, yet there is nothing connecting the background and foreground elements. This work left this art lover feeling annoyed, and disinterested. Crucilbum, ink jet print, 54”x 44” 1 of 4 However, wandering further into the exhibition, one encounters a room filled with purely abstract, monochromatic master pieces. While perfectly rendered, single color abstractions vary in scale and proximity, they create the semblance of space which is very endearing and peaceful. The pen and ink sketches are crisp, and precisely executed, with the consistency of a wood or linoleum block print. …show more content…

Apparently, Mr. Greenfield’s work is about “ re-contextualizing racist stereotypes”, and exploring African American life in the United States. Perhaps one has to be part of that community to see those visual connections? Mantras and Musings is the name of the collection of work created from study of Yuruba ancestral ritual culture in Brazil. What is really fascinating is how one artist can use Brazilian native culture as a springboard to create work, while another artist, admiring the work can so completely miss that

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