Greenwashing Research Paper

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Propel or Bust???: Health Magazine
In today’s market, there is a constant battle for companies to attain the best products. Companies will do and say anything to persuade consumers to select their products over a competitors; they will even go to the extent of lying. Unfortunately occurring more and more frequently in today’s society, companies will comfortably tell their consumers that their product is “environment- friendly” or healthier for them than another product when it is in fact not. These dubious claims that companies are making are part of a marketing tactic called greenwashing, and many people have fallen victim to this corporate scheme. Greenwashing is when a corporation is being deceitful in the sense that they promote their product as safer for the environment or healthier for you than other similar products. Propel, like dozens of companies today, has jumped on the …show more content…

When studies were done on what artificial sweeteners can do to the body, the results conceded that “they can stimulate your appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, and stimulate fat storage and weight gain” (Mercola). One might conceive these results as bad, but the dangers of the different artificial sweeteners in propel zero-calorie waters are abhorrent. The artificial sweeteners used to flavor Propel Water are alarmingly unhealthy for individuals and are known to cause other problems. Propels Workout Water is targeting consumers who are attempting to either get fit or stay fit, and they are under the impression that when they reach for that propel to rehydrate after a long, hard workout, that they are consuming a drink that is benefiting them. However, with the artificial sweeteners contained in Propel, they are assuredly not drinking a drink that is benefitting their

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