The Negative Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners?

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According to a study done by the University of Texas, “people who drank diet soda were 65 percent more likely to be overweight than people who drank no soda and, more bizarre, they were more likely to be overweight than people who drank regular soda.” This is all due to artificial sweeteners in the things we eat and drink. Since way back to before WWI, the history of artificial sweeteners have shown us the positive and the negative effects of them, and what they do to your body. Through these things, we have learned just how artificial sweeteners can affect your body, in good ways and bad.
The history of artificial sweeteners is very extensive and complex. The first artificial sweetener discovered was saccharin. It was discovered accidentally by a chemistry assistant named Constantine Fahlberg. Fahlberg was working on new food preservatives and accidentally spilled some of the compounds he made on his hands. As he went home that night and ate his dinner, he noticed how sweet the compounds made the food he was eating. He then went back to his lab and created a bulk amount of the sweetener, which he named saccharin. According to the article “The History, Synthesis, Metabolism and Uses of Artificial Sweeteners”, “Saccharin was used as a sweetener only sporadically until the advent of World War I” (Hodgin). The increase in use of saccharin was due to the amount of real sugar we were sending to troops over in Europe. In 1960, several studies that were done on saccharin

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