Gregorian Era

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In the Middle Ages from 450 AD to 1450,AD nearly a thousand years begin the birth of Western music and the arts. Unlike the music and arts from other eras the culture of arts and music was enormously sacred and closed minded where only the wise could be involved with those. Even the rich and the noble were unable to reach, but only the wise and educated ones were the only ones to pursue. Therefore, most music during the medieval was in voice; although instruments were present, they were unpopular and considered to be the evil. Most of the songs that were created were the Gregorian chant and it becomes one major genre and considered to be a religious music that was used to reflect their spiritual faith and belief. According to history, in the middle Ages, the Gregorian chant is considered as the grandfather of all Western music. It all begins around early 450 AD during the Roman Empires, when some religious groups monks started to compose music for their gatherings and church services. …show more content…

According the book, Music: An Appreciation (Brief), she was the head of the nuns abbess of Rupertsberg in Germany and she was active in religious and diplomatic affairs. Moreover, she was the first woman composer from whom many of works—monophonic sacred songs—have survived. In fact, according to the Kemien, she also wrote poetry and music; treatises on theology, science, and medicine; and a musical drama, Ordovirtutum (Play of the Virtues), which is the earliest known morality play. The “O successors” is a song is simply about her successor to Christ. She implies a technique called a drone which is a sustaining tone or the fundamental frequency that plays or sings in the background with the melody which gives a more bass tone on the

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