Gregory Gioiosa

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Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love , the name explains it all; this art not only speaks to the mind, but to the body. Gioiosa’s use of lighting, space, psychological lines, shading, and balance are beautifully intertwined in his deep piece.
Gregory Gioiosa is a Los Angeles based artist whose works have been collected internationally. He earned a B.F.A. from Fresno State University and his M.F.A. from U.C Irvine (Longview Museum of Fine Arts). Gioiosa painted Of Beauty, Of joy, Of Stillness, Of Love in 1999. He painted his masterpiece on canvas with acrylic paint; the shading of colors and psychological lines suggest a deep balance that is unsuspected. In Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love, Gioiosa uses the principles of design
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In 1988 Gioiosa created an interesting and flashy painting of obscure shape; his painting was called Asterope. In a decade preoccupied with success and status, art got bigger in scope, ambition, theme, budget, promotion and cultural presence. Art became an extension of one's success or power (Gallery, The 80’s). In Asterope he uses bold neon colors clearly divided by lines to symbolize the bold and flamboyant times that were the 80’s. However in Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love, the viewer can see a much more gradient and shaded look in the colors. Even though these two painting are very different, they both convey symbolism as a key role. In Asterope the viewer can see the bold colors as symbolism of the 80’s, and in Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love the viewer sees a much bigger mandala as a symbol of a higher, more powerful being. “In essence I think of my work as an observation that interprets and reveals an ineffable presence. Through the living sense of paint I try to achieve tranquility and pure spacial awareness of an undiscovered landscape, an infinite void, that transcends physical time.” (Gioiosa, Rusti)

Keith Haring is a contemporary artist to Gregory Gioiosa. Both Haring and Gioiosa were painting during the 80’s and were releasing some of their best and most iconic artwork.When Gregory Gioiosa is compared to Keith Haring, it
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It is easy to see that each of the strokes of his brush were carefully taken into perspective. Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love’s basic properties enlighten the viewer on balance and depth. In this painting Gioiosa uses lighting, space, psychological lines, shading, and balance to provide a canvas with questions. He makes the canvas seem like its own person with his distinct use of the acrylics. In this painting I see an intricate mandala at the top. This can symbolize many things; a higher power, a lifeform, and even a planet. This is what is special about Gioiosa’s work, it makes the viewer think about themselves and reflect. Merriam Webster defines ethereal as of or relating to the regions beyond the earth, celestial, heavenly(Merriam Webster). I find this to be the perfect word to describe Of Beauty, Of Joy, Of Stillness, Of Love. Not only does this painting look aesthetically pleasing, Gioiosa made me do exactly what he hoped to do with his artwork. Gioiosa said in an interview “I hope it is able to open up pathways and avenues for people to experience their inner soul.” (Supreme Master, TV) Gioiosa made me question myself just as much as i questioned his
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