Gretchen Everhart's Post-Secondary Classroom

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My time at Gretchen Everhart was spent in the post-secondary class. This building is unique because all of the classes are together and there are several teachers working together as a whole, rather than alone in their own classroom. In the classroom I noticed that there were not many technological devices geared toward supporting the students. Most of the technology that is used within the post-secondary classroom is everyday technology such as, typical computers, a smart board and electronic books. I enjoyed every second of being there with these students; I just wish we had more than five weeks with them. I was on CBI every day, which is community based instruction. Due to this, I did not get a chance to observe them during PE, in the art…show more content…
One of the gardens on Gretchen Everhart’s campus is done in memory of one of the students that passed away during her attendance at Gretchen Everhart. While on our tour of the school, we did get to see all of the special area rooms. All of the students were able to participate in the music room, some independently and some needed assistance from a parapro. When entering the gym we noticed that all of the students were actively involved in a game and during our visit to the art room, the students were creating art with food. The sensory room was my favorite. There was a room named in memory of a student who passed away during their attendance at Everhart. This room offered many sensory options for the students. Unfortunately this was my only time seeing the special area classes, but for what I did see, all of the students were actively participating in the activities with the help from the surrounding environment, including parapros, technology and sensory options. When going to my assigned classroom, I noticed that students were out in the garden. I later learned that the students had been growing vegetables in that garden for a year and they were ready to be picked. I met all of my students, except one who was out with a leg surgery and we all picked arugula to make green
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