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Grit in Elementary School? We’re not Talking Breakfast

Grit can and should be taught in elementary school. It is the context and understanding of Grit that causes people to question whether it should be and whether it is possible to teach Grit to elementary aged kids. Grit is a thing of character. It is true, some kids already possess significant levels of Grit, still many have yet to develop it. Still, Grit ought to be taught in elementary school because its anatomy is composed of invaluable character traits, such as stick-to-it-ive-ness, diligence and going the extra mile, which will help to shape a child's character and boost their morale.

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They thought to achieve this by placing them in difficult circumstances where the we’re forced to confront hardships. The children had no choice but to meet their quandary head on. Through the process they began to develop those character qualities we hear so much about when the topic of Grit comes up; perseverance, determination, diligence, patience, etc. and even some others such as responsibility and self-discipline! Mission accomplished!

Here we refer to where Ethan Ris quoted NBC News Anchor, Brian Williams, to have said as he interviewed low-income students about Grit at KIPP charter school: “The kids here at KIPP already get it.” (Ethan Ris., - Brian Williams…) Yes, being low-income students it is likely they have already been enduring hardship as a way of life. The Grit traits are in them because from the beginning they have had to ‘make do’ with minimum. As Melissa Dahl quoted Duckworth to have said, “Kids need to develop character, and they need our support in doing so.” (Melissa Dahl. – Duckworth.) This not only reinstates the fact that Grit is indeed an object of character, but it also points back to the earlier statement that Grit should

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