Group B. Understanding And Using Inclusive Teaching And

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Group B
Understanding and Using Inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training
Shaun Brown
1.1 Describe features of inclusive teaching and learning
What is inclusive teaching?
Inclusive teaching means teaching in ways that do not isolate students, accidentally or intentionally, from opportunities to learn. Making sure the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds, learning styles and abilities are addressed. These strategies contribute to an overall inclusive learning environment, in which students feel equally valued.

“Even though some of us might wish to conceptualize our classrooms as culturally neutral or might choose to ignore the cultural dimensions, students cannot check their sociocultural identities at …show more content…

Individual work facilitates one on one interaction among students and teachers. A teacher will be able to pay individual attention on student’s performance and assess the capabilities and competencies of students. Also I believe that if students individually focus on their work, they will be able to obtain a better and comprehensive understanding about the subject matter. While individual work will enable the students to improve their performance level, and teachers to individually assess the students. However it does not facilitate any team work or collaboration between the students, and the students would feel isolated. It would also restrict the students from learning and obtaining effective experiences and knowledge from other students. Experts believe that each student is different. Students have different learning styles and they prefer various learning techniques for various subjects. Experts believe that individual work would help students to improve themselves on an individual level through the individual interactions with their teachers. I agree with this idea, as I believe that individual interactions with students are extremely important for students as well as teachers to exactly identify the learning requirements of the students.
2 Group Work I believe that group work is essential to develop team work and facilitate collaboration

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