Group Intervention Report

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I believe strength and a weakness all at the same time was that I tried to provide useful information on grief but I wondered if I provided too much information and it was overwhelming for the group. I felt the information was simplified however maybe it should have been condensed into two days’ worth of material instead of four, I am not sure. I tried to use the available clip art to add some humor to a very tough subject and I am not sure if that would be considered a strength or a weakness. b. Roles (e.g. gatekeeper, dominator, internal leader, etc.) that were observed in the group and/or dynamics you observed in the group. Here you should note how you used your skill set to address any challenges or utilize any helpful dynamics. Be specific in the behaviors you observed. …show more content…

I do not feel there was a particular dominating, internal leader, or gatekeeper of the group I hosted. I felt as though everyone offered great thoughts and input. There were a few group members express some very raw emotions and I hoped that they found the material helpful and not cause triggers. c. A review of your group intervention plan/proposal that includes an evaluation of whether or not each of the objectives was met. Provide supporting evidence. I did feel that I met each object I set out for myself. I wanted to provide a diverse amount of information with ways to incorporate that into the classmate’s professional lives. I was concerned with providing information on Highmark Caring Place due to the different locations of my group members but I also wanted to give examples of what may be in their area and to suggest they look into support places like the Caring Place. A review of what you would do the same and what you might do differently based on how the group went. Address both

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