Group Principles And Standards Of Conduct

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Bulsho Group’s commitment to equal opportunity and treatment is not up for discussion regardless of religion, race, age, gender, disability, the nation of origin, or any other class protected in consistent with acceptable international, national or local government laws. Make sure all common curtesy between employees and advocacy culture is expressed and demonstrated. Distribute trainings to assure these values will be done often as deem necessary. Each one of Bulsho Group’s employees must conduct themselves in a manner consistent we those standards.

Bulsho Group also expects its valued employs to create each other for …show more content…

Bulsho Group prohibits its employees from violating its Standard of Ethics as detailed in this section.
Bulsho Group expects its employees to practice appropriate level of loyalty and not engage in actions in competition with or harmful to its image and interests. This policy establishes the ethical standards and practices regarding payments and political contributions. Bulsho Group does not authorize or tolerate any business practice which does not follow its policy.
Our employees are expected to follow and practice high ethical standards, and to avoid situations that create an actual or potential conflict of interest between the employee’s personal interests and that of Bulsho Group. A conflict of interest exists when the employees actions as are advise to Bulsho Group. Even that appearance of conflict of interest must be deterred. Bulsho Group may take Corrective Action process may be taken or may end your employment immediately upon violation. Conflicts of interests may include accepting money or access to potential suppliers and vendors of goods and services.
You cannot start your side business in competition with Bulsho Group.
You may not use the Bulsho Group’s resources for personal gains or gains for petition.
You may not also associate yourself with any of the competition companies.
Employees in leading and

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