Essay on Growing Up During the Egyptian Revolution

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I grew up in my home country Egypt, in a time some may say I was lucky to have experienced and been a part of. I took part in helping a nation overthrow its dictator who reigned with tyranny longer than I had been alive. I am an Egyptian youth, who fought for my people’s stolen prosperity and withheld freedom against the famous thirty year old Mubarak regime. The Egyptian revolution was televised and kept under the global eye throughout each of its progressions, from start to end yet not holistic in merit.

Stories of glory and success seem to be the only ones shared from this era, however there exists a much more historical story. The extraordinary story of the boys of an entire nation rapidly and innately transforming into honorable
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Each night seemed like an entire season, full of constant suspense and fear of your neighborhood being attacked and the potential harming of the women and children locked inside the guarded homes. Some neighborhoods were luckier than others in that they were avoided by the uncontrolled militias, while others had to pray they were prepared enough for attacks. Attackers that were contained were not shown remorse, and likewise had your luck handed you or yours into their hands. Needless to say this was a very mentally demanding, testing, and above all changing experience for all those who took part.

As a boy brought in the modern world, like most others in my situation, I was unprepared for such an experience. The situation’s build up was too quick and spontaneous to prepare for and forced me to mentally adjust to it as it happened without any rational linkage. You knew what was at stake and innately acted accordingly to protect it. You wished to feel fear, for the assertion that what you were living through was actually happening. All that was actually felt was pure alertness as soon as the sun started to set. There was no time to think like a boy, primal instincts prevailed and along with it honorable doings through grounded choices. The long nights acted as catalysts as each boy adapted to a primal man without choice- a rather honorable and beautiful phenomenon not considering
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