Growing Up Narrative

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We hesitated, honestly, realizing the shared feelings held made us different... Yet, we still jumped. Faye was different than others. She insisted on staying “icy”, with the world seen clearly and head spins exhilarating. It seemed like a switch in personalities through milliseconds making our photographic, flowerdness, and stormy lives more interesting than life should’ve ever been. Photography is a passion we shared closer to our hearts then our own safety. Her and I fell in love with telling stories through the adrenaline rushes, cold cut pictures making people understand without uttering a single word. Demanding to know what darkness held we descended into the underneath to capture our pain, never trusting someone to stay after losing…show more content…
There was a tree on the edge of the water that had a branch just high enough to jump off of where it’s safe and still feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. It took over 5 minutes to swim to the other side and by then Faye had wanted something that would make her mind icy for longer than just a couple minutes. Two girls sitting underneath a tree talking about traveling the world together, dreaming of the perfect twin brothers to come along by the age of 25, and sharing our feelings of difference from the world was routine. Yet, something was off… I didn’t know what but it definitely wasn’t the night for after dark parties or adrenaline rushes. The third fight was our last. The thought of her starting a fire across her skin before jumping in the ice cold lake left a feeling I couldn’t explain. Jumping from the tree into the lake helped, I knew it did, but I couldn’t let her jump tonight… She’d do it alone and I’d never let her spark adrenaline dangerously by herself. Sisters fight, it’s a natural instinct. Except you never leave your baby sister behind when it’s dangerous outside, no matter how mad you are. I did. Millions of cars searched the streets and calls… so many calls, were made to find Faye. It was an immediate search after I realized the selfishness of what I’d done, leaving her there at the lake. Except, no one made it in time. The burn marks and cuts across our skin marked our stupidity, everyone knew. There’s a reason why no one ever worried about us. We knew how to take care of ourselves and the ice we felt from the blade or the fire or the jumping was a shock to people at first. Before they realized it was only two stupid teenagers and stopped telling us we needed help. It was like our minds were in constant searching for something more. Anything to make the icy feeling clear our flowered lives and
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