Growing up in a World where Chasing Money is what Matters

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Growing up we never really find out what the future holds in store for us while we live in a world where chasing dreams is a luxury and money is all that matters in a one sided world. Growing up in a world where chasing money is all that matters by men whose pockets, turn to barrels filled riches and the men who chase happiness are fools. What’s the level of getting a hefty paying career if the ease of my life I reckon upon it in misery and discontentment. Doctor, Lawyer, working in a corporate position as a CEO maybe even a scientist. Directing is my love and the drive that will keep me going even though it wasn't always like that for years before my first taste of engineering, I was depressed, frightened, and lost I didn't know what I wanted to make out. I didn't know what to do, I feel unmotivated doing school work or work out, I arrived at a massive amount of weight before I received it I was failing high school while weighing 350 pounds. I started drama in my sophomore year of high school, I fell in love with theater it became a big part of my life I loved witnessing how a person can immerse themselves and become a different person, animal, or even a thing. I had found a new determination in life I wanted to become an actor I wanted to be the next new name in shining lights winning Oscars and academy awards, but as time went along I saw acting wasn't really my thing. I was an okay actor and I knew I wouldn't cook it in Hollywood as an actor. Depression sets in my life

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