Gsm Based Control System And Technology

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1.1 The career episode mentioned below explains the project during completion of my _________(study course) at _________. The project was titled as “GSM Based Control System” and was completed under the guidance of my mentor Mr. _________, [designation] over the period of ______months starting from ________.


1.2 Todays’ modern world witnesses the redefined communication by the courtesy of improved technologies and availability of latest gadgets. As a result, majority of todays’ population has access to mobile phones and thus the world has become a global village. By virtue of the latest developments in the telecommunication field specifically, today any particular individual can be contacted with the mobile phone at the ease of pressing few buttons. However, the application of mobile phone cannot just be restricted to sending SMS or starting conversations. The new innovations and ideas are being generated, enhancing and improving their uses. The technologies such as Infra-red, Bluetooth, etc that have been developed in recent years are reflective of the fact that improvements are in fact possible and are contributing to improved way of living. Similarly, the concept of remote management of several home and office appliances is a subject of growing interest and in recent years the evolution of many similar controls.

1.3 Sending the written text messages is one of the popular communication modes amongst the mobile phone users. This instant messaging feature…
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