Gsm Based Control System And Technology

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1.1 The career episode mentioned below explains the project during completion of my _________(study course) at _________. The project was titled as “GSM Based Control System” and was completed under the guidance of my mentor Mr. _________, [designation] over the period of ______months starting from ________. Background 1.2 Todays’ modern world witnesses the redefined communication by the courtesy of improved technologies and availability of latest gadgets. As a result, majority of todays’ population has access to mobile phones and thus the world has become a global village. By virtue of the latest developments in the telecommunication field specifically, today any particular individual can be contacted with the mobile phone at the ease…show more content…
Being intrigued by the subject, I used the very concept to design a system as part of this project that acts a platform to receive messages which in fact are commands sent to control different appliances and devices connected to the platform. As my project, I designed a control system based on the GSM technology that effectively allowed control from a remote area to the desired location. The application of the suggested system is immense in the ever changing technological world as it allows a greater degree of freedom to an individual while controlling the household appliances or office equipment and eliminates the need of actual presence of individual. 1.4 This desired system had to be a powerful and flexible tool offering the service at any time, and from anywhere with the constraints of the technologies being applied. The possible target appliances that can be attached to the system includes climate control system, security systems, lights and any other thing with an electrical interface. The proposed approach for designing this system was to implement a microcontroller-based control module that received its instructions and command from a cellular phone over the GSM network. The microcontroller then would carry out the issued commands and communicate the status of a given appliance or device back to the cellular phone. The project was of
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