Guide Plan for a Mentoring Program

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Proper Guide Plan on Mentoring Program Abstract In this paper, an outline of a mentoring program is given which is addressing the issues related to Computer House, a computer retailer and service provider. The various different players associated with the firm are highlighted as well as how this mentoring program is supposed to help them. Also, key details regarding the program which includes its structuring, finances and other information are also addressed in some detail. Responding to each perspective provided In the case scenario given, there are three main key players associated with the firm. This includes Steve who is the Founder, Susan who is a Floor Manager and Horace who is the Home Technical Support Manager. Steve is mostly associated with the strategic level details and brief summaries regarding all of the operations taking place in the firm. Susan looks to introduce mechanisms which allow her employees to be more loyal to her even if they are given healthy incentives elsewhere. Horace wants an overall growth in its employees' training which mainly includes on how to improve further in customer service. Any mentoring program associated with the firm must target each of these individuals completely separately but also must focus on mutual cooperation among mentors. This is mainly because the whole firm is associated with a single line of operation which is the retail and other services provided in the field of computer technology. Developing the
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