Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting, And Counseling

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There are many forms of professional assistance that a client could seek. Each method can be equally effective depending on the situation. Client’s needs are important to identify, reason being is so you can decide what form of help is the best fit. In this essay, I will discuss mentoring, coaching, consulting, and counseling. I will provide examples of each and explain why each form is effective for each scenario.
Mentoring is described as having experience or expertise in a field that you use to help someone with less experience/expertise (Welsh, E. T., & Dixon, P. M.,2016). John just started a new job in a big corporation. He has been wanting to working this field, he has a passion for it and wants to learn as much as he can. He is new …show more content…

Working together to find a way that works best for Harry. Doing some self-discovery could lead Harry in another direction or solidify his purpose.
Consultants usually have a high level of expertise on a topic and have a method that has been proven to create change, an “answer”. If I was a consultant, I would provide you the method and you would follow the steps on your own (Lowman, R. L.,2007). Sam is a CEO of a retailer that sells home goods. Sam has been in the position for 3 years and believes he’s still learning. His first year the company was growing and they had a high profitability. Currently they are not growing and profitability is at a low. The retailer has 20 locations across Arizona, which is a large presence. Sam has been attempting to find a solution to his issue for 2 years now and nothing has changed. Sam has been trying to find out what the cause is for the low profitability is and trying to come up with a resolution for it, but hasn’t had any luck. The best fit to help Sam is a consultant. Sam could find a consultant that has expertise in company growth and high profitability. They would go in and assess the situation and find the what and the how. What is causing the problem and how can we fix it. They would provide Sam with a guide and he would follow it.
In Counseling, there is an emphasis on solving problems, touching on things in the past. One big objective in counseling is healing or fixing

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