Guiding Questions On Teaching And Social Studies Essay

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Shadowing Guiding Questions Purpose: Observing Language Use in Different Context *Student’s Name has been changed for confidentiality. Does your student speak a language other than English at home? Do any of his/her family members speak a language other than English? My student, Zachary, and his family speak Filipino. They recently moved to Hawaii from the Philippines. During your observations, when was the student talking and participating more than other times? What were the circumstances (group size, one-on-one, activity)? Why is it important for you to notice this? Zachary was participating most during individual work, particularly when working one-on-one. He did not respond when he was called on during whole group in English Language Arts. Once the students were released to work individually, he struggled with his work. I was asked to step-in and assist. Once we were working together, one-on-one, he became considerably more responsive. Zachary was more active during math than English Language Arts and Social Studies. This is likely because numbers are familiar, something he has experience with. At one point, when students were working with expanders, he participated just as much as everyone else. It is important that I notice this because, if I were his teacher, I would know that he is not comfortable working/contributing when working with whole groups on tasks that require the use of English. Therefore, I would try to place him in small groups, so he can freely

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