Questions On Teaching And Learning Outcomes Essay

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: 13 October 2009
: 11.00 a.m. to 11.40 a.m. (40 minutes) : Form 4 Red
: Intermediate
: Going Places (Places of interest)
Previous Knowledge: In the previous lesson, students have learnt preposition of place and are exposed to several texts on interesting places. They were also exposed to
Curriculum Specifications simple prepositions of direction (up, down, into, out of) in Form Three and can use the learnt prepositions appropriately.
: Section I: Learning Outcomes and Specifications 2.2 Process information by
a) Skimming and scanning for specific information and ideas. Level 1
Process text read by: ii. Skimming for gist and stating what text is about. iii. Scanning for details.
Section III: Language Content
7. Preposition iii. Preposition of direction (across, towards, along) Learning outcomes : Student will be able to: 1. Process text read by:
Specific objectives
Teaching aids
Moral values Reference
i. Skimming for gist and stating what the text is about. ii. Scanning for details.
2. Use preposition of direction appropriate according to context.
: By the end of the lesson, student should be able to:
1. Identify the general idea of the given text by answering comprehension questions (Who, Where, When, How and Why) and skimming for the gist
2. State the specific information of the given text by scanning for details. 3. Recognise the use of preposition of direction (such as: across, along, over, toward) according to context.

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