Guilty: A Short Story

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Dictating, waiting, How my future may unravel,
My heart sinks as the judge pounds the gavel,
The judge hits the gavel- one... two... three-
The jury cries out, "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

My head drops down; I accept my fate,
My mind is screaming, "no, please judge wait!
Look at the evidence against me, it is not true!
I am innocent, isn't this what the justice system is supposed to prove!
You talk about due process and I played the game,
If this is a mockery, Don't shame my name!
Let me tell my side of the story, please, hear me out!
This is for a crime that I did not commit, no doubt!"

I lifted my head and we both locked eyes,
"You know the truth judge, don't wear that disguise!"
He washed his hands of me, thinking the guilt would go away,
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As I was taken away, like a lamb going to the slaughter,
I glanced towards the jury as I went down the altar.
"Where are all the people that could have stood up for me?!
Who could plead my innocence that could have set me free?!
Justice was crying out, but you 12 closed your eyes!
Blinded by your own prejudice, it is the truth you despise!
Where is the evidence? These are Lies! Lies! Lies!"

As they were taking me away, chained, both hands and feet,
I glanced one more time at the jury, But whose eyes did I meet!
But one who I had once called brother, whose skin was not like mine,
We had fought together in battle to defend the liberties of all mankind!
He once believed all men were created equal, but this truth seemed so grim,
Before I left for good, I looked up and glanced at him-
One glance, two glance, three- the times we had were now broken memories, I thought that he would defend me, but it was plain treachery!
Now it seems as if he did not think of me,
But, as I slowly turned my back, the rooster crowed
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