Gulabi Gang and the Fight on Violence against Women

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This group of women is called the Gulabi or Pink Gang, and their objective is to provide justice to abused wives / women by beating their husbands with sticks (and in some instances, throwing chili to their faces).
The group was formed in 2002, when Sampat Pal experienced abuse when she tried to help an abused friend from her abusive husband. Angered by the incident, Sampat mobilized her female neighbors and retaliated against the abusive husband "in front of the community." After the incident, the group has grown to a powerful force of 20,000 women/members, and has helped create social change in Uttar Pradesh as more abused women/wives are given justice because of the Gulabi Gang's intervention. Helping women overcome abuse from men and actively do something on violence against women are the primary reasons why the Gulabi Gang has been chosen as the case for a group that has created social case, which, in their case, is in India (Sen, 2002:4).
The outline for discussing the example of Gulabi Gang as a force to reckon with in India when it comes to achieving social justice for abused women will focus on three (3) domains: (1) first, a discussion of the impact that the Gulabi Gang…

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