Gulf Coast Symphony: Star Wars Family Fun Concert

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The performance I decided to watch was the “Gulf Coast Symphony: Star Wars Family Fun Concert”. It was a fun event that allowed many Star Wars fans gathered in to watch, that is the reason I decided to go to this concert, I am a big Star Wars fan and have seen all the movies. This performance was performed at the Barbara B. Mann performing arts hall. It is a very good venue for concerts or and shows. The sound was great the theatre really projected the sounds of the whole concert. The seating was also pretty decent. There were no bad seats, anywhere you sit you get a great view of the show. The only complaint about the seats was that they were kind of small. There was little elbow room and I was rubbing against the people next to me. Overall …show more content…

The first piece that was performed was the theme to “The Force Awakens”. The next piece played was the Superman theme, then the theme for Episodes 1,2,3. The “Star Trek” theme was played. They then went back to Star Wars and played “The Parade of Ewoks”, then the main theme, and to conclude they ended it with Darth Vader’s theme. Overall I really enjoyed the performance not only because of music they also incorporated scenes from the movies into each of the pieces they performed. It was really fun and engaging I met some new people who were also fans of Star Wars. The pieces that I enjoyed the most were the “Star Wars” main theme, “Superman” theme, and “The Force Awakens”. The main theme to me is a classic. I think whether you are a Star Wars fan or not you can’t resist humming along to this theme. The “superman” theme was another favorite. I was glad they played this, because Superman is one of my favorite heroes and I enjoy watching the Superman movies. This theme makes me feel like a superhero myself. I liked “The Force Awakens because I watched in the theatres when it came out and it was a great movie. All he performers looked like they really enjoyed what they were doing and wanted to put out a great

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