Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

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In the novel Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, the influence that society has on Gulliver is very detectable in this book. Throughout the novel, Gulliver repeatedly, finds himself in predicaments because societal norms and the role of government in our society. Swift shows how the idea of who people are due to their position in society. Gulliver is an outsider to the society of Lilliput, he tries to fit into their world but fails, not only because of his size but because of their governmental treason. I believe, Swift wrote the story of Liliput to try and illustrate to us the idea that society and government corrupts individuals. This is shown by the relationships between Gulliver and self-oriented individuals and society-oriented individuals.
Swift demonstrates that the government has questionable motives, in the Acts of Conduct that Gulliver has to learn it has in it the description of basically what the King can and cannot do. The first rule they explain is “...the obedience to the king out of terror rather than out of respect”. The King shows the fear he instills in his subjects by the phrase, "the Princes of the Earth shake their Knees" (25). The King also tries to rule the heavens and the Earth, "whose Feet press down to the Center, and whose Head strikes against the sun" (25). Even though the king is within his rule, the reader will find the King’s methods harsh. Swift is implying that for men to have control over their government or…
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