Gun Crime Essay Persuasive Writing

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to talk about gun control in America. It is one of the most controversial and intractable issues in America. It is a topic of discussion that is very much still in debate today. I strongly believe that guns are an absolute menace to America. Today, I will tell you why better gun control laws must be enforced immediately and prove that America would be a much better, safer place to live in with stricter gun restrictions and rules. Americans are faced with an ever-growing problem of violence and yet guns are legal to anyone anywhere in America. How can they be blind to all the damage it is causing making America a battleplace where humas are inhumanly killing each other such a divided opinion…show more content…
Robberies committed with guns are more likely to result in fatalities compared to robberies where other weapons are used. if guns were less available, criminals may commit the crime anyway but with less-lethal weapons causing less damage to the people involved. Research has shown that guns intensify crime situations, and increase the likelyhood of a more violent or lethal outcome in a crime .Strict gun control is clearly the best way to solve Americas problem with crime and violence related to guns. Another fact is that in 97% gun defenses, no shot is fired which means that guns are clearly unnecessary to normal citizens. The United States has the most gun violence and therefore gun control will play a major part in the decrease of the crime and murder rate. Likelyhood and seriousness of crime increase A significant number of homicides result as a by-product of another violent crime which escalates, with the offender going into the crime without a clear or sustained intent to kill or be killed In the United States, a quarter of commercial robberies are committed with guns. [47] Robberies committed with guns are three times as likely to result in fatalities compared with robberies where other weapons were used,[47][48][49] with similar patterns in cases of family violence.[50] Criminologist Philip J. Cook hypothesizes that if guns were

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