Gun Issue And Gun Control

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Ever since I declared my political science major at The Ohio State University, Gun Politics has been a course I have aspired to take. While many enroll in such a course looking for an escape from the “collegiate liberal echo chamber” or as an outlet for their conservative agendas, I saw the class as an “entrance to the dark side.” My views on guns prior to the class were, I would call, polarized yet uninformed. In most of my discussions, I would cite the Australian 1996 National Firearms Agreement as precedent for how American politicians should approach the gun issue and gun control. Not fully understanding the definitions of semi-automatic and automatic but knowing that they sounded evil in the media, I embraced the idea of tightly …show more content…

In re-evaluating my positions on guns and gun control, I think it is imperative that I first start with where my opinion is rooted. Oftentimes, I feel as though my opinion on guns is most polarized in times of crisis, be it after the Aurora Massacre, Newtown Shooting, or Chardon Shooting which hit close to home. I feel compelled to act and defend those who could not defend themselves. This thought rings especially true when the media accentuates the victims with “the poor innocent children” narrative contrasted by “the nasty cold-blooded assassin.” While I sympathize with all who have undergone tragedy, especially the families of such horrible massacres, the gun lobby and its supporters raise a valid argument when they argue that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Undoubtedly, gun opponents could counter by noting that a culture devoid of guns would remove the weapon from killers’ hands – and this point is highlighted with the example of the stabbing in China that occurred on the same day as the Newtown tragedy, where the victims were only injured, not killed. However, the point to be taken from this debate is that in order to have a fair debate, emotion and feelings must be removed. Only in our most objective states can we attribute the reason that such a serious issue deserves. Historically, I believe that this is a problem we have faced, as the

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