Guns And Gun Control : A Big Part Of American History

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Somewhere around the world somebody just got shot. Somewhere else somebody just got stabbed to death. Some people would have been affected more by the death by gun because a decent amount around the world dump a lot of hatred towards guns and gun owners. It seems that guns have always received the most attention and concern from citizens, for years. They have been either hated or loved by the citizens of the United States since before the colonial days. They are not a bad mechanism for people to use; they are just, occasionally, misused or put into the wrong hands, that is how it is with every weapon. Many Americans, actually, honor this tool and have for centuries because guns are quite a big part of American history. It was a big enough part of history for the Founding Fathers of America to include it in one of the original ten Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, a part of the nation misuse the right given to citizens from the Second Amendment for things like murder. This has caused a good amount of people to believe gun use is the cause of the majority of deaths and the basis of crime, but these beliefs have been proven not true from various collections of studies and data. Guns are not as bad as they seem, and they should not be taken away or restricted harshly because they were trusted by the Founding Fathers of the United States and protected by the Second Amendment, are not one of the leading causes of all deaths and crimes in America, and taking them away will just stir
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